The Berkshires are a highland geologic region located in the western parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut. The term “Berkshires” is normally used by locals in reference to the portion of the Vermont-based Green Mountains that extends south into western Massachusetts
Also referred to as the … Berkshire Mountains … the region enjoys a vibrant tourism industry based on music, arts, and recreation. Geologically, the mountains are a range of the Appalachian Mountains.” – from The Berkshires
Outdoor Activities

Berkshires Outdoor Activities offer a paradise for the adventurers and people who simply like to take in the fresh air.

One of the beautiful things about Berkshires is the change of seasons. It keeps life interesting with a constant change of scenery. Changes in Berkshires outdoor activities accompany all of these seasonal changes. In the Berkshires, you can participate in a wide range of recreation in the great outdoors not available in many parts of this country.

Berkshires Outdoor Activities During the Spring, Summer and Fall Months

Sometimes the best way to experience nature is on your own two feet. Hiking in the Berkshires is a treasured pastime for both visitors and locals. There are many scenic trails for day hikes. Many of these day hikes lead to the tops of mountains with beautiful vistas. Autumn in the Berkshires is just an amazing time of year to be outdoors and watch the daily changes as the maples begin to turn color and prepare for winter. It is often rainy in November, but we also have lovely low humidity and crisp, clear days that make for some of the best hiking of the year. Cooler weather makes it a nice time to get out for those end-of-the-season bike rides or hikes. Explore our area:

October Mountain – Becket/Washington

Monument Mountain – Great Barrington

Tyringham Cobble – Tyringham

John Drummond Kennedy Park – Lenox

Barthomew’s Cobble – Sheffield

Bash Bish Falls – Mount Washington

Ice Glen and Laura’s Tower – Stockbridge

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary – Lenox

Mount Greylock State Reservation – Adams

Notchview Reservation – Windsor

Heritage Walks – Western Massachusettes & Connecticut

Berkshire Botanical Garden – Stockbridge


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Winter in the Berkshires – ski resorts, Cross country skiing, ice skating and more