Visit Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Pleasant Valley Wildlife SanctuaryThere’s nothing quite like some time in the great outdoors to refresh and rejuvenate you. The Berkshires’ own Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary offers 1,000 acres of just such a cure – and it’s only 20 minutes from Federal House Inn!

A branch of Mass Audubon, Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Lenox, MA features over 7 miles of trails through more than 1000 acres of wooded and wildlife-rich forests, meadows, and wetlands with many ponds and flowing streams. (more…)

Discover Bash Bish Falls

Massachusetts' Bash Bish Falls State ParkWith a funny sounding name that seems to promise much in the way of splashing and splishing, Massachusetts’ easily accessible Bash Bish Falls is the most spectacular waterfall in the state!

As the weather warms up and the foliage fills in, one’s thoughts naturally (no pun intended) turn to the great outdoors. Luckily, western Massachusetts offers a number of scenic hikes and drives but few can top the splendor of Bash Bish Falls.

Situated just this side of the New York/Massachusetts border in Mount Washington State Forest, Bash Bish Falls runoff and spring-fed waters splash over a series of dramatic gorges before tumbling a full 80 feet down into the crystal clear pools below. (more…)

Berkshires Fall Foliage 2014!

Berkshires Fall Foliage

A patchwork quilt of natural beauty and community celebration
that’s Berkshires Fall Foliage

No one likes to see summer go but, you know, without summer passing we don’t get autumn and, without autumn there would be no … Berkshires Fall Foliage!

As you probably know, fall here means Berkshires Fall Foliage and that spells nothing more than a world of stunning natural beauty: browns, greens, reds, oranges, yellows, oh my.

Look, we’re biased, we think it’s always beautiful here in the Berkshires but no one can deny that the Berkshires Fall Foliage is absolutely one of the most gorgeous sights out there – and, located in South Lee, MA, we’re in the thick of it. (more…)

Jiminy Peak

In this video Brian and Kolleen Weinrich, Innkeepers of Federal House Inn, give an overview of Jiminy Peak and other Berkshire ski areas.

Join Us at Jiminy Peak!

Brian also says:

We offer a ski package in partnership with Butternut. And Butternut is partnered with Catamount. You can buy a pass and ski in either one of the two places.

Canterbury Farm

In this video Kolleen Weinrich, Innkeeper of Federal House Inn, gives an overview of Canterbury Farm.

Join Us at Canterbury Farm!

Kolleen adds:

Many of our winter guests enjoy cross country skiing, snow shoeing and winter hiking. The Arcadian Shop at Kennedy Park rents snow shoes and has daily reasonable rates. [It is definitely our favorite sports store in the area!]. Also, Hilltop Orchards in Richmond has beautifully groomed cross country ski trails. Our guests particularly enjoy wine tasting in front of the large stone fireplace after an afternoon’s workout on the trails!

Berkshire Botanical Garden

In this video Kolleen Weinrich, Inkeeper at Federal House Inn, gives an overview of the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

Join Us at Berkshire Botanical Garden!

And Brian Weinrich says:

The Berkshire Botanical Gardens is open from May though October but the beautiful grounds can be explored year round. Classes, workshops, lectures and events are also offered twelve months of the year. One of Kolleen’s favorite pastimes on a beautiful summer’s day is sitting on one of their many unique benches under one of the gorgeous old trees writing in her journal or reading a good book. Many annual events include the spring Plant Sale, the Flower Show, the Fete des Fleurs Garden Party and the fall Harvest Festival and December Holiday Fair.

Monument Mountain Great Barrington, MA

In this video Kolleen Weinrich, Innkeeper of Federal House Inn, gives an overview of Monument Mountain.

Join Us at Monument Mountain!

Brian Weinrich adds:

Right across the highway from Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, MA, there’s a very nice wetlands park. The nature and the wildlife and the very habitat of a wetlands area is so different from climbing a mountain. But for a hiker, it’s such a unique and satisfying experience.

The variety of hiking in the area is pretty amazing. Another experience that hikers come for is what’s known as a cobble. A cobble, again, is a geological formation, which is pretty unique to the area. There’s actually two.

Tyringham Cobble is about ten minutes from the inn. And when you do the cobble and you’re climbing this, the rock formation, the views are pretty astounding especially in the fall when the colors are out. And you’re actually around the Appalachian Trail for a period of time when you’re climbing or walking the cobble.

The other one is Bartholomew’s Cobble, which is a little farther away, and it’s quite close to Bash Bish Falls. Again, that’s a historic reservation. There is a pretty interesting exhibit there from when the area was actually owned by a slaveholder. And some interesting pieces of history about people and the slaves that lived there back in the 1800s obviously.


Only a 10 minute drive from the Federal House Inn, Tyringham Cobble has become one of my favorite hiking destinations in the southern Berkshires. Surprisingly, I discovered it this past winter when looking for a new location for snowshoeing. The delights of the Cobble began on the drive to the reservation as I passed through the charming village of Tyringham. The two miles of trails to explore actually includes sections of the Appalachian Trail. The views from the top of the pastoral scenery of the Valley are spectacular. I have returned numerous times since my first visit and last Sunday for Mother’s Day, it was the perfect place to spend a warm sunny afternoon with my family.


Berkshire Botanical Gardens-Stockbridge

crocus BBGardens

If I could be in the garden 365 days of the year that is where I would be found so it is not a surprise when we initially moved to the area, the Berkshire Botanical Gardens received my membership within the first month of our arrival. Only a 10 minute drive from the Inn, I visit often checking out the newest blossoms, looking for a distinctive gift in their home and garden shop or sitting on a quiet bench to read. Founded in 1934 and open from May 1-Columbus Day  [daily 10-5pm], the 15 acre complex is a lively center for horticulture, educational programs and community events. Their annual plant sale will be held May 6,7 this year where guests have the opportunity to browse through 300 varieties of flowering perennials as well as special sections of ferns, vines, grasses, etc. I will certainly be there once again in a few weeks,  returning to the Inn with my car trunk filled with unique and beautiful specimens looking for a new home!