Berkshire Cheese TrailIf you’re a fan of cheese – particularly farm-to-table, artisanal, small-batch cheese – then you’ll want to hit the Berkshire Cheese Trail and discover all the great local cheeses of the Berkshires!

Mmmmm: cheese. Is there any other staple as multifaceted? There are so many varieties and so many ways to enjoy cheese – melted, sprinkled, baked, with wine, with bread, with almost anything at all, or all by its’ lonesome. There’s just something about cheese!

Best of all, small-batch, artisanal cheeses are becoming more popular and common. The Berkshires are no exception to this trend and finding a variety of regional cheeses to sample at local dairies, farms, and farm-to-table restaurants is a snap with the Berkshire Cheese Trail! (more…)