I am very happy to be back blogging after a month’s absence. As some of you are aware, we closed the inn during March and headed south in search of warm temps and lots of sunshine. Feeling rested and rejuvenated, we are thrilled to be back in the gorgeous Berkshires where spring has indeed arrived.

I took a “walkabout” in our yard yesterday with my gardening journal excited to see so many of the numerous bulbs I planted last fall showing their little faces. The cleaning of the greenhouse is on my “to do” list so I can begin to sow a few early seeds. [Parsley, basil and dill are a top priority as they appear in our signature breakfast frittata.] Since this is my first attempt at this undertaking, and being a former educator, I have been completing my “homework”! One of the best gardening websites I have found is Margaret Roach’s [www.awaytogarden.com] and when I emailed her asking for planting suggestions, she responded within the hour. So, after my research is complete, the greenhouse is open and aired and the new seeds are sorted, I will slip on my new bright red gardening gloves and get to work!