After a few frustrating moments with confusing directions [!], Brian and our son Justin finally were able to set up my new greenhouse. I laugh that I did not have a playhouse as a child so now I finally do! Currently, I have cool weather crops-arugula, radishes, Swiss chard and leaf lettuces all coming up nicely. Many of my herbs have been transplanted to their “new home” so I hope to continue using fresh chives, parsley and rosemary in breakfast recipes. Also, some of my tender annuals continue to blossom in this cozy warm spot.

My numerous visits to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens this summer helped to educate me on what it takes to be a “four season gardener”!! One of the many helpful employees at the garden recommend I read Eliot Coleman’s FOUR SEASON HARVEST, which has taught me how we can successfully use the sun to raise a wide variety of traditional winter veggies without supplementary heat [in plastic covered greenhouses]……… we are hoping for that winter sun!!