How wonderful the past two weekends to have a full house and it has been exciting to hear our guests’ reviews of Prarie Home Companion at Tanglewood [Thank you Arlo for your guest appearance!] and Diane Krall’s exceptional 4th of July “dry” concert! After all the rain, everyone was worried of a very wet evening but Mother Nature cooperated.

Our guests continue to be such a delight and a joy to meet. We have had folks from Germany and the UK in the past week as well as numerous towns in New England and San Francisco.

One of our guests’ favorite pastimes is just tooling around the Tanglewood grounds during the afternoon listening to the BSO practice and taking in the gorgeous surroundings…..all free of charge!

Guests this week who have attended the EINSTEIN PROJECT have given it raves reviews [playing at the Berkshire Theater Festival until July 18 which is ideally located 3 minutes from the Inn].

The Georgia O’Keefe exhibit at The Clark in Williamston also has been popular and we hope to view it ourselves before its closing in September.

The Berkshire Bontanical Gardens continues to thrill all who visit. “Great Gardens of the Berkshires” tours are sure to delight. In July one can visit “Under the Hemlocks” on July 10
and “Good Dogs FArm” on July 24.

The sun, the sun where is the sun?! Since we have only lived in the Berkshires for 3 months, we are beginning to wonder but the locals assure us this is VERY unusual and we of course do believe them…….we think! Our garden continues to thrive with the wet weather but many of the annuals are just not willing to produce new blossoms without some warmth. We so enjoy using the 12 different herbs we grow in our morning breakfasts. Basil is the only one which is crying for some sun. We now have had 2 straight day of lovely sunshine………..hooray!