Welcome to the Federal House Inn’s new BLOG.

We’re located in the heart of the Brekshires and just a stone’s throw away from Stockbridge, Norman Rockwell’s home town, and Lee in Mass!

The Federal House Inn is a wonderful place to relax while enjoying the sophistication of the historical atmosphere. It was built in 1824 by Thomas O. Hurlbut who built this gracious brick beauty with gorgeous wood floors and large windows that invite you to admire the scenery of the surrounding lawns.

Our rooms are well appointed and so charming and the candle light breakfasts are to ‘live’ for.
So, next time you’re visiting the Berkshires, stop by the Ferderal House and say hello, you’ll be glad you did!!!

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  1. OH! Federal House!!!
    The last time that i stepped foot into such a lovely, lovely home was in the year of 1978. My grandmother Frances Buchanan whom owned this lovely home.
    As a child myself with my twin brother Bruce, We used to go exploring out back and bring home the wild blue berries, We would make blue berry muffins until our hearts content. I thought that i would never eat another blue berry again, but i did.
    I Cannot wait until the day that i can make way back to spend the night.
    -Frances Buchanan Grandaughter

    1. hello…what a wonderful tribute to your grandmother…i was in contact with her throughout the seventies since i was in nyc and working not far from “64”, but didn’t know right away of her passing….since then i have from time to time tried to get in touch her daughter Raechal….we were teenage friends; hard to believe how the decades have flown…if you could reply i would grealy appreciate it…wishing you and your brother and family the

  2. Frances,
    How exciting to read your comment! What fond memories you have of our "home" and thank you so much for sharing. We are trying to find out as much as possible on the history of the inn so if you have any more to share we would be most grateful. How long did your grandmother own the house?

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