I thought autumn was my favorite season in the Berkshires but I have now decided it must be summer [of perhaps it is always the current season since we love living here!]. Being out in our gardens every free moment is indeed a treat. Observing all the wonderful seedlings in the garden, which came out of my greenhouse, is sheer joy. The arugula, spinach, chard and radishes we devour each night….delicious. The tomato plants are in blossom, the green beans seem to be growing before my eyes and the herbs…….yikes! I can hardly use them fast enough in our daily breakfasts but no complaints here. Thinking back to a year ago and reading my gardening journal notes, the basil was only inches tall, the chives miniscule and the parsley puny. Not to mention the fact that with the rain and mosquitoes in June 2009 we could hardly be outdoors any time of day whether we were gardening or simply walking to the compost pile! Even though we are out watering almost every evening, what a relaxing way to end the day.